Stanford Internal Medicine (SIM)

Stanford Consultative Medicine Clinic

(650) 736-5455

What we do:
Our team evaluates patients with complex, undiagnosed medical problems that have undergone extensive prior evaluation. We will consult and coordinate your care with specialists and communicate our findings back to your primary care physician.  We aim to provide clinical insight on rare and difficult to diagnose diseases. Specifically, we utilize an expert panel, computer aided diagnostic tools and extensive case literature searches.
Our clinic will develop and test new processes and forums to speed the diagnostic method with innovative techniques and technologies
We will become a resource and valuable clinical setting for medical students and residents in their ambulatory training at Stanford.
How to be seen
Please call (650) 736-5455 for an appointment.  After registering and completing paperwork, you will be asked to fax your records, labs and imaging studies to us for review.  A referral from your primary care doctor is recommended.  Since this is a focused referral center, unfortunately we cannot take every patient but if you cannot be seen in our center, we will arrange for you to be seen at one of our Stanford Primary Clinic Clinics

What to bring
Please bring an extra copy of your medical records and a list of questions you may have to your appointment with Dr. Lin.

What to expect
You will be seen by a faculty physician specializing in internal medicine. Your appointment will last approximately one hour.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment so we can complete your registration and prepare for your visit with your physician at Stanford Consultative Medicine. Subsquent visits for future tests and visits with specialty physicians which will be coordinated by our clinic at times convenient for your schedule.

After your visit
Your primary doctor will receive a letter detailing your visit and our opinion regarding possible diagnoses, future tests, specialist referrals, and treatment which may be recommended to be done at Stanford or in your local area.  You may be asked to return for follow up visits to the clinic.  Your case may also bediscussed with our expert panel of Stanford Faculty Physicians

Bryant Lin, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

Lori Spears,
Practice Care Care Coordinator

Phone 650.498.7833
Fax 650.725.7078



Updated 4.12.14



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